Heath Ledger - Sweat - Snowy Bowles - 1996

Heath Ledger

Martin Henderson

Melissa Thomas

Tai Nguyen

Tahnie Merrey

Heath Bergersen

Matt Castelli
Sweat 1996, 26 Episodes

Snowy Bowles

Tom Nash
Sandy Fricker:


Evie Hogan

Stewie Perkins

Danny Rodriguez:

Episode 1 / Tom gegen den Rest der Welt
Tom loses the 200m swimming contest in the County Championships - what actually should have been a sure win. Afterwards he blames anyone else but himself - from Danny and his girlfriend Tats because of flirting around before the departure to his coach because he didn't warn him of a strong opponent. A new sponsor is interested in the Acedemy. Nhon Huong Tran, joins the Academy.

Episode 2 / Duell um die Ehre
With Tran, calling himself 'Noodle', now at the Academy, Tom - who's stilled miffed at his coach's not telling him that Noodle joins the Academy - is soon out for a challenge. Although Tom wants it and Don also kind of looks forward to it, coach Sid however doesn't approve the one-on-one - which isn't a hurdle too high to get over. Danny isn't very pleased about the material the Academy provides, and with the Academy short on money Danny wants to get a new bike on his own - which requires a job: and one calling for 'hunky & spunky' guys is soon found. Tom and Tats try to avoid each other, which isn't easy at the Academy. Noodle paints his room artfully.

Episode 3 / Fall in die Tiefe
High diver Monique is as far as she can get with Sophie, her current coach. Don enlists Paul Steadman's (a three-time gold medalist) help to coach Monique to the win in the championships. What Paul does is take a 180-degree turn in the coaching philosophy - and it works; Monique's better than never before. The side effects are that Monique has fallen

Episode 4 / Die illegale Party
The clan throws a traditional dance party. Since it's an illigal one behind the back of the instructors there are some things to consider and be taken care of. Monique decides to quit the academy and return home. Tom and Tats hava a heart-to-heart talk and reconsile.

Episode 5 / Schillernde Seifenblasen
A soap series shoots on location at the Academy. A move not supported by anyone (essentially the coaches) but Don thinks it's a good way to get some publicity for the Academy. Also thrilled are the students who not only might get a chance to get a part (as extras) but also get to know the series star, Robin Berry. As double for Robin Sandy is chosen, a reluctant part since the former friends and classmates drifted apart. Although Tom's at her side again, Tats wants distance and -and this time - isn't ready to go steady.

Episode 6 / Stewie unter Druck
Stewie's coach Greg as well as Don want Stewie to decide in favor of one event instead of doing the whole range of athletics he's doing now - which sooner or later may cost him. This is complicated furthermore when Don's plan to invite Stewie's dad backfires: instead of helping him to decide, he throws in his idea of Stewie's future - pro football. With pressure from all sides, Stewie's at the point to explode. Tats is bored by her daily routine without any change.

Episode 7 / Schuld und Unschuld
The Academy is in turmoil after several personal things have been stolen. When some of those are discovered in Danny's locker, Danny finds himself the prime suspect. Danny has also to babysit his younger brother Raff. Tats still isn't completely over Tom.

Episode 8 / Verirrte Gefuehle
On an orientation hike a short cut means an injured ankle for Jenny. With dusk approaching and still a long way to go she and team partner Tom must spend the night in the wilderness. Tats is still confused about the relationship issue.

Episode 9 / Angst vorm Anderssein Snowy
helps a gay student against bullies and soon finds himself a target. Snowy asks out Sandy, a move awaited for a long time by her. The date itself is quite okay, but turns to desaster in the end. Later, Snowy reveals to Danny that he's gay. Also Tats dates again, Cameron.

Episode 10 / Auf die Probe gestellt
A quite shocked Danny feels totally uncomfortable around Snowy, who also breaks the news to the others. Snowy considers to quit the Academy over the issue; Danny forces him to leave their room and Snowy eventually switches with Stewie. Sandy, still distracted over the nightly incident also has her problems accepting the news after learning that Snowy somehow used her.

Episode 11 / Ein paar Worte zuviel
A PR campaign for the Academy centered around Leila backfires when Leila is tricked and talks too much. Her 'victim' Tats goes ballistic while Leila hits rock bottom over her faux pas. Over all the emotional stress Tats then adds an injured ankle to her situation meaning an early end for an upcoming championship tournament.

Episode 12 / Unter Verdacht
Sandy's dad is arrested on fraud charges, which not only affects her and her running - she's training for relay racing - but may eventually also cost her the place at the Academy. Danny quits the team with Snowy.

James Bond
Episode 13 / Was Freunde wert sind
Evie cheats on a test and is caught; suspended for several weeks into the next semester she wants to quit school - jeopardizing her scholarship and her place at the Academy. To be able to stay at the academy she takes on a job at a newspaper through Sid's connections. Evie and Noodle get closer. At the end-of-semester party, Cameron offers Tats drugs and bullies discover Snowy's secret. Danny is over his anger against Snowy.

Episode 14 / Dream-Team auf Zeit
Tom gets a chance when he is chosen to stand in for an injured swimmer in the national squad for an Invitational in Singapore. This could be his big break and he flies high accordingly. Another high flyer is Evie, who covers the competition for the paper.

Episode 15 / Das neue Outfit
A company, represented by Alex Janos, wants to sponsor the Academy and provides new uniforms for the running team. Sandy however thinks there's nothing left which can be called 'uniform' and refuses to wear it. Noodle helps Evie taking photos from Danny for a calendar.

Episode 15 / Das neue Outfit A company, represented by Alex Janos, wants to sponsor the Academy and provides new uniforms for the running team. Sandy however thinks there's nothing left which can be called 'uniform' and refuses to wear it. Noodle helps Evie taking photos from Danny for a calendar.s

Episode 16 / Entweder - Oder
Snowy dates (Richard, a college student) - and over that neglects cycling, much to the dismay of his coach who doesn't know what going on with him. After some time without any word, Alex (the Wildcats representative) aks Sandy out. A gallery visit - or non-visit - shows up the differences between Noodle and Evie, who are about to make a step back to just being friends. Tom anxiously awaits word from Canberra if he's the one chosen as replacement for a recent drop-out.

Episode 17 / Die Brecheisenmethode A top Russian exchange coach trains the Athletics team - and he wants it only one way: tough. Most of the group back out, not at least because of (not unfounded) fear of injuries. Stewie is the only one to continue working with him. Danny dates an older woman and stays out long with a big race due.

Episode 18 / Ein moerderisches Rennen
During the cycling race with a three men lead, one of them - Brett, also a former boyfriend of Tats' crashes, leaving the victory to Danny. But it's only a short time of joy, when in the aftermath Brett dies.

Episode 19 / Vorsicht Doping!
The Canberra issue bothers Tom so much, that his performance suffers. Under pressure, he is offered dope.

Episode 20 / Mehr als ein Flirt A
fter dumping a girl, Danny soon finds his next girlfriend. Also Stewie has his eyes on a girl. Dope tests again - scare Tom.

Episode 21 / Eine unglaubliche Zeit
Evie lost her job at the paper. Qualifications for the Commonwealth Games are due for some squads, this time it's the swimmers' turn.

Episode 22 / Generationswechsel
Qualifications continue, now it's the Gymnastics' turn. Leila is also on the team roster, a move not totally agreed on by Tats. Tats' mom attends the tournament. Sid is unhappy with Noodle not giving his best.

Episode 23 / Ein echtes Spitzentalent
World pro cycler Mark Novak - also Danny's big idol - guests at the Academy. But it's not Danny who makes friends, it's Snowy - whom Mark testifies endurance for big tour races. According to Mark, Danny is 'only' a sprinter type. Closing his one week stint is a two-days tour. For that race, Noodle and Stewie try themselves as bookmakers to get some much needed money. Sandy takes the next step in her relationship with Alex.

Episode 24 / Raus aus der Routine
Meeting Shelley, an art-school student, Noodle considers giving up swimming - not at least because of even more training sessions and going to art-school. Jenny postpones her decision about Tats.

Episode 25 / Jedes Ende ist ein Anfang
Sandy has to deal with the fact that she might be pregnant - under which also her running suffers. Tats' downfall continues, and after a heart to heart talk, Jenny and Tats make their decisions.

Episode 26 / Das Kopf-an-Kopf-Rennen
The Tats-Tom relationship seems to be over at last. Tats considers dancing. The national swimming championships take place and the SWA swimmers top the list - but Tom's toying with dope could cost him more than a disqualification.